Camping in Panguitch Lake

We recently went camping in Panguitch lake and had an amazing time! There is so much to do as you spend a few nights out in nature with friends. Great food, camp fires, Smores, hiking, fishing and more!

Panguitch Lake CampingIMAG0304-01

One of the highlights of the trip was a quick drive to Mammoth Creek. An interesting feature of the lava beds is Mammoth Cave. This  lava tube was formed by cooling lava and water. The cave is about ¼ mile long and is safe to explore if proper care is taken. We went in with adequate flashlights and about 10 people aged 8 to 50. Explorers will need to climb down to entrance so be sure to wear proper clothing and footwear. There are four caverns located inside the cave with the tunnel heading west being the largest. Please note that some areas of the cave may be blocked off during certain times of the year to protect the essential habitat for wildlife.



The Dixie National Forest has ancient lava beds that surround the pristine Navajo Lake and Duck Creek areas. This geologically recent lava flow represents the last of the extensive volcanism on Cedar Mountain. Geologists believe that some of this lava rock is not more than 2,000 years old. Much of the lava did not come from a central volcano but welled up from cracks and fissures in the earth’s surface. There is a profile of a cinder cone that can be seen on the north end of the Navajo Lake and Hwy U-14 junction.



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