If you are unfamiliar with Panguitch Lake here are some facts to keep in mind as you plan and explore this special place. At one point long before the dam was built, Panguitch Lake was originally a natural lake estimated around 777 acres in surface size that was once a fishery for the Paiute Indians. The Paiute Indians named the lake Panguitch, which means “Big Fish” in the Paiute Language. The lake was expanded year ago and almost doubled in size over the years by building a 24 foot Dam (on the Northern tip of the Lake) causing the surface size to increase to an estimated 1,248 acres. The water still drains into the Sevier River off highway 89 and most of these drainages are a well-known fishery as well. Panguitch Lake is still known for its Trout’s Trophy (Big) quality as a fishery in Southern Utah. Today you can still expect this reservoir to hold Rainbows, Cutthroats and Tiger Trout in the medium sized range. Fish between the 12-25 ranges are often caught from shore, boat and through the ice. The occasional larger fish is reported and because of the depth (max 66 ft deep) of the lake it can hold some great fish over from year to year. This one of a kind lake is fished year round and offers good trout in every season. Please check with the current slot size, species and fish limits for taking fish out of the lake before you hit the water.

Panguitch Lake is South of the town of Panguitch by 18 miles but there are several places for accommodations, gas and food at the Lake. You have campgrounds, resorts, rental cabins, with small stores and restaurants. Defiantly make sure to check in with these destinations in advance for hours of operation and seasonal adjustments. This special high elevation Lake is tucked away between the Aspens, Pines, Cedar trees with meadows galore. It makes for some of the best photography and landscape for your adventures. Make sure to take advantage of this place and its four annual and really diverse seasons. As the Paiutes named this place for its “big fish” qualities those qualities still remain today. This lake is by far one of the most popular fisheries in all of Southern Utah. Visitors come from all around to take advantage of all this lake has to offer. This lake sits at 8,212 feet of elevation so the winter ice cap can exceed 12-18”s at certain points in the winter. Be sure to check ice depths before entering the ice sheet no mater what time of year it is.

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